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Transgender dating

Real relationships, done seriously

Butterfly is transforming transgender dating by connecting singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Butterfly is not only for transgender people, every gender and every sexuality are welcome who are open to dating transgender people.

Open from the start
Everyone on Butterfly is interested in dating transgender people so you don't get that difficult dilemma, do you tell a new potential partner that you're trans at the start or after a few dates. The pressure is removed, allowing you to focus on meaningful and exciting connections.

Media coverage
International media are also interested in our efforts to transform transgender dating, here are a selection of outlets that have featured Butterfly.

transgender dating media coverage

Perfect privacy
When we designed Butterfly we worked hard to create a privacy focused site/app. There is no social media sign-up, pictures are optional, age not date of birth and approximated locations. With a single click you can see all the data you have entered and when you come to leave Butterfly all your data is erased. Additionally, private messages you send expire automatically so they are not left our servers for years to come! The only personal data required is an email address and if you want to make a new address just for dating then go ahead. If you want to date privately, you can with Butterfly.